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Makuzi Pre-School


100 school uniforms

We need 100 school uniforms for the makuzi nursery pre-school in Bandawe, Malawi.

Unfortunately, not all children can afford schooluniforms, especially the orphans. Often, children with no uniform access to education is denied.
A uniform costs about 3.50 €!
We will buy them in Mzuzu in june and distribute them there to the children. Of course we will take lots of pictures and present you here.
If you want to support us go to or use our new donation form
Thanks in advance for your support!


You are amazing. We continue with package No. 54 + 55, full with your donations: clothes, school supplies and beautiful plush figures (thank you Diana S.).


The kids will be happy, thank you to ...

Sandra L., Regina F. & Diana S., Nils K., Thomas K., 

Petra H. and Family; Peter, Marcel and Ann-Christin R.


And a special thanks for postage donations to ...

Viktor M., David W., Petra M., Sybille R., Sandra L., Danica W.


Here you can track the shipment Package 54 and Package 55 


And it goes on in 2013. Now we start with package No. 53. Filled with the football shirts, balls, school supplies and many toys.


Thank you very much to ...

bpc AG Hamburg, Peter, Marcel and Ann-Christin R.; Sandra L.; Kerstin D., Regina F. & Diana S.


And a special thanks for postage donations to ...

Sandra L.; Nils K., Danica W., Kerstin D.., Viktor M.


Here you can track the shipment Package 53 


The shirts for the YOUNG ROVERS from Chifira are finished and can be shipped to Malawi. 5 Teams now supported by our partner project

Thank you very much to bpc AG, Hamburg.


Happy new year! What a great start, we had a new

sponsorship for the football4malawi project.

Thank you very much to bpc AG in Hamburg!


Great! The 4 packages from the last year has arrived.

Thank you very much and many greetings from the beautiful people at Bandawe.

"... they are very happy ..."


Tawonga-Project and the Community of Bandawe wishes you a wonderful and peaceful new year and we thank you very much for your bombastic support!


Many, many thanks for many kilo's of clothes, toys and school supplies!

This is absolutely amazing!


And a special thanks to all who helped us financially. Your are marvelous, the people of Malawi can not believe it, what you do for them.